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When you purchase a home that you love, you don’t want to take any chances. So when it comes to improvements and maintenance, you want to work with people you can trust. Because I have been around the block — many, many blocks — in the Indianapolis market, I have met, worked with and referred the best people in the business.

When a client contacts me to ask for a referral for a vendor or service provider, I can confidently share names and information because I have worked with these people and know them well. They will jump through fire to meet my expectations and those of my clients. I consider anyone who works with the Kelly Todd Group an extension of us, providing the same level of service.

How We Find the Best

When I’m looking for the best home painter, plumber or other vendor, I’m looking for people who are skilled within their industry, get positive reviews from past customers and are responsive. I have to know they will make my client a top priority. Much of the referring that we do occurs during a home transaction, but we pride ourselves on being a continuous partner to clients, so there is often a lot of interaction even after closing. (Things such as blinds, kitchen hardware or windows are often needed well after a sale.)

This client/Kelly Todd Group relationship lasts until I die — or until the client stops calling. Also, if there is a resource I don’t know about, Tucker offers a concierge service that is free for clients. The service providers through Tucker have been background checked and reference checked.

So without further ado, here are six of my favorite guys to refer to clients and my very candid opinions of them and their work. They are the best!

1. Corbett Cain, Home Painter

He’s perfect. His lines are perfect. He has the steadiest hand out of anyone you’ll meet. He’s fast and a nice guy who is always fun to be around.

Corbett is best at interior jobs, but does exterior work as well. He’s a one-man show, so keep that in mind if you have a large project with a tight deadline. Corbett is extremely good at caulking and doing prep work before he starts painting. He’s also economical and works all around Indianapolis.

2. Darry Weaver, Handyman

Darry is the kindest, gentlest, nicest guy ever. I once had a female client who lived alone. During the time when her house was listed, it was broken into. Darry came over in the middle of the night and repaired the door so she would be safe that night. He is extremely honest and only charges for time spent working. He is always ethical and you feel like you are getting extreme value from Darry.

He can handle everything from changing out light fixtures to small inspection items. I call Darry when I want to hang curtain rods or touch up a rotten threshold on a door. Anything that doesn’t require a technical license, Darry can usually take care of, and if he can’t do it, he will tell you up front.

3. Jeff Thomas, Plumber

I’ve worked with Jeff for nine years. He is extremely honest and loves to tell stories. You’ll always get a good story when you call Jeff. When he’s estimating a job, he usually gives you a worst case scenario, but it rarely is the worst case. Instead, it is usually hundreds of dollars less.

Jeff can do everything from fixing leaky pipes in a basement to replacing fixtures, to changing out piping from galvanized pipe to a more modern material. He is great with older homes, and he is willing to share his opinions on manufacturers so his clients can make more informed buying decisions.

4. Nathan Hasty, Electrician  

Nathan is with JN Electric. He isn’t the cheapest electrician out there, but he is experienced and efficient. He does it right. He’s good at providing proposals electronically and sometimes can provide a quote without even seeing the job. He works with a team, so he is pretty accessible.

Nathan can do everything from installing can lights and updating an electrical box to fixing ungrounded outlets or installing GFCI outlets where water is present. He is full service.

5. Salvador Alvarado, Landscaper

Salvador is part of our family. When I see him, he stops the lawnmower and wants to know how the kids are doing in school. He is the friendliest, warmest, most wonderful guy. He works really hard for his family.

In addition to typical landscaping jobs, Salvador is very good at hardscaping such as projects using pavers or building outdoor fireplaces. He has a strong attention to detail and always has a smile on his face.

6. Langenwalter, Carpet Cleaning

The team at Langenwalter is great because they will quote on site and do the work the same day. They can transform a carpet that you think might need to be replaced. If their stain removal doesn’t meet your standards, they will return to fix the problem at no charge. That applies to bleach, wood stains, rust, burns, any red stains, nail polish, hair dye, paint, ink, wax, makeup, coffee and most pet stains and odors.

They are best at wall-to-wall carpeting opposed to area rugs. As a perk, every time they clean, they give you solvent cleaner that is a magic potion. It gets out anything. They have a nice referral program too.

Those are just six of my top Indianapolis home resources. I am happy to share them with you here. Just like my clients, I hope this list helps you spend less time searching through online reviews, asking friends for recommendations, and conducting phone interviews with prospective service providers.  Using these guys, I know you are getting the right people in their home.

If you have a favorite service provider, let me know. I’m sure there are plenty of other exceptional service providers in Indianapolis. 

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