“The Essential Kelly Todd” aka “What’s Inside My Purse”

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“The Essential Kelly Todd” aka “What’s Inside My Purse”

What’s inside a woman’s purse says a lot about her. When you go through the home-buying or home-selling process, you get to know a lot about your agent. In the interest of transparency — and the need to purge — I’m sharing the contents of my bag so you can get to know me a little better.

Normally, my purse is filled with receipts, papers from the kids’ school, gum wrappers, etc., so it looks deceivingly spare in this photo compared to its typical state. Don’t let it fool you … it’s usually a disaster. (I couldn’t help but do a little staging.)

I never can find sunglasses or keys, which conveniently always present themselves at the bottom of my bag. Target and Nordstrom Rack are my favorite places to get glasses because, sadly, mine get scratched, bent and completely destroyed all too often.

I’ve been carrying this Tory Burch hobo bag for the past eight months or so and I love it. It is lightweight, has a durable liner and fits perfectly over my shoulder.

While cleaning out my purse, I removed about five toy cars that belong to Cooper, our 3 year old, but managed to miss his orange “shooter,” as he calls it. The shooter is a little rocket dart that fits into a robot hand.  Believe it or not, this little dart is one of his favorite things, and you can tell by the size that we are always on the hunt for the shooter.

I typically have random jewelry in my purse such as earrings — usually missing its match — bracelets, etc. I love to put it all on in the morning but get annoyed by it by the end of the day, so it retires to the bag.

My husband doesn’t understand why I carry a “purse within a purse” but come on, doesn’t every woman? In my little Louis Vuitton clutch, I keep all the critical goods:

  • Hand sanitizer wipes (for little hands and little messes)
  • Lipstick (always makes me feel better)
  • Sunscreen (everyday)
  • Gum (good behavior bribes for my kiddos)
  • Tylenol/Aleve (for extra-stressful days, sore TRX muscles)
  • Epi-pen (our oldest child has a tree nut allergy)
  • Library card (don’t leave home without it)
  • Pens (list-making and taking notes, from books to read and beers I like, to houses to show)
  • Hair bands, etc. (for windy days and long days)
  • My 5-year-old daughter’s bows, clips and other hair baubles (she can’t live without them)

I work out most days and can’t stand having my hair in my face when doing Pilates or at F3 (Fit, Flex, Fly), so I normally have a few headbands in my purse.

You can typically find supplements and vitamins stuffed randomly in all pockets.  My family and friends think I’m a bit crazy, but I do love my vitamins.

My phone case is constantly being put on and taken off of my phone throughout the day. It’s plastic and pulls my hair out when I talk on it, so I remove the case when I’m talking. But the case has to go back on when I pick up the kids from school. They seem to think my phone is their personal toy. Maybe I should ask for a better phone case for Christmas.

I always have my moleskin notebook. I love these books to keep me organized and on task. I just can’t give up actually writing down lists and to-dos.  I use my cell phone for calendars, but can’t give up the paper lists.

My wallet goes with me everywhere (clearly) and a checkbook. While I rarely use checks, except for the occasion when I don’t have cash for a babysitter, I never want to be without it.

I usually have a stack of business cards that I receive from people throughout the week. These might be other Realtors, vendors who can provide home-related services to my clients (past and present), buyers or sellers. I’m a big communicator, so if I need to reach someone who isn’t in my contacts list ASAP, I can do it.

I would also normally have a few bars (Larabars are my favorite) as emergencies. I often go through the day living in and out of my car.  It’s nice to have something to snack on that is healthy.

I’m a creature of habit, so when I change purses (which I just did this week), everything moves to the new one.  (If only moving from one house to the next could be so simple.) With my purse, I like to be organized and feel prepared at all times, and we run the Kelly Todd Group the same way.

I might not invite you to look inside my purse, but I will answer any questions you have about how we work at the Kelly Todd Group. Give me a ring.

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