How Do I Get Paid When I Sell a House?

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How Do I Get Paid When I Sell a House?

It’s taboo. We aren’t supposed to talk about religion, politics or money, but I know that many of my clients want to know exactly how and why I earn a commission on a home sale. While I certainly can’t answer this question for every Realtor in Indianapolis, I can speak for myself. If you want more information, I am happy to discuss this “taboo” subject in person.

First of all, I am not paid until your home sells. At the time of closing, after all the work has been completed, I receive a commission.

So how do I earn my commission? With the Kelly Todd Group, you receive a blend of tactics, experience and street smarts to set you up for success. That includes the following:

Market Research

Asking the right price at the right time for your home is critical to a successful home sale. We know how to carry out a thorough market analysis to establish fair market value. At the Kelly Todd Group, regular market updates help us identify sales and competition to ensure we are competitive for our sellers.

We are checking comparables like a teenager checks her cell phone — constantly. At any given time, we know what’s under contract. We are previewing properties. We know the market to keep you competitive throughout the selling process.


Most of our clients keep very nice homes, but that is not enough when it comes to selling their homes. When you’re selling your house, it needs to look like a model home. As part of our services, we help with staging, from the curb to the coat closet. As a general rule, half of what you have in your house needs to be removed, and the majority of personal items need to be taken out. Deshrine your rooms of too many family photos, but not so much that your home looks sterile. We make sure buyers can see themselves in the house. Your kitchen can’t look like you just made breakfast and walked out the door.

The only tell-tale signs that someone actively lives in your home should be a fully stocked fridge. And even your refrigerator, stove and closets should be immaculate. What’s behind these closed doors is a direct reflection of the overall condition of a home.

Prospective buyers don’t care about how much you paid for it, how much money you put into it or the stuff you have in it. They just care about their needs. We know what it takes to get the best response from your showing and solicit a high offer. This expertise is part of how we earn our money on a home sale.

Administrative Services

No seller wants to mishandle the administrative tasks that go along with listing and selling a home. Typically, our sellers simply don’t have the time or interest in dotting all those i’s and crossing all those t’s. As part of our commission, we complete and manage all listing documentation and contracts. We gather feedback from showings and communicate it with our sellers.

We also negotiate the transaction with the buyer’s agent once an offer has been made. Once a sales contract is drawn up, we confirm that all contingencies are completed. We also closely monitor all lender and escrow activities to ensure a successful closing.

Marketing Tactics

We know what works when it comes to marketing your home. To market a home to its fullest potential, we complete the following:

  • Listing entered into the BLC: This is the multiple listing system service that is available to all cooperating Realtors so they can immediately see that your home is ripe for the picking.
  • Weekly reverse-prospect searches: These types of searches help us pinpoint prospective buyers and directly contact their agents.
  • “For Sale” sign and flyer box: Of course, nothing says your home is up grabs as well as a sign in your front yard.  If traffic and safety allow, we include a brochure box so passersby can grab a highlight sheet for their own use or to share with a friend in the market for a home.
  • Lock box placed on your property: Your home’s security is paramount. When we contact you to schedule a showing, and you approve the date and time, we use a lock box to get in and out. For added security, our lock boxes electronically document who enters and exits your home.
  • Advertising:  An “Open House” ad featuring your home will be marketed on websites and on Your home will also appear in ads in Tucker Talks Homes Magazine
  • Online listings: A Tucker survey found that 88 percent of consumers begin their home search online, and 32 percent of buyers found a home via the Internet. That’s why we promote your home on online sites including msn Real Estate, Home Search, HomeFinder, Luxury Portfolio, Yahoo! Homes, Aol Real Estate, MIBOR,, Zillow,, Trulia and
  • Social media: People looking for a home are talking to friends, checking local agency’s social channels and sharing like crazy. When you list with Kelly Todd Group, expect to see your home on Kelly Todd Group and Tucker’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  • Professional photography/tour: Frequent showings aren’t the only way interested buyers can take a look around your home. When your home looks its very best, we hire a professional photographer to take video and photographs — inside and out — to create a virtual tour of your home and to produce glossy, poster-size promotional pieces. (Ask someone at the Kelly Todd Group to show you a sample.)
  • Direct alerts: When we list your home, we can send direct alerts to potential buyers regarding your listing. Working through a vast network of agents, we get to hot leads fast.
  • Open houses (if desired): If an open house is requested, we will handle all the details.
  • Professionally scheduled showings: The Kelly Todd Group uses Tucker’s Centralized Showing Service to schedule showings. When someone wants to show your home, you are contacted quickly. Before anyone visits your home, you must approve the showing date and time.

In a nutshell, that’s what you, as the seller, receive from the Kelly Todd Group when you work with us.  If you have other questions about our process or services, please contact us. If you want to talk politics and religion now, it might be best if you contact someone else.

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